Produce Picked For You

These days, you are probably more health conscious than ever before. With goals of eating right and staying fit, you need look no further for the best, farm-fresh produce. We have gone to great lengths to carry only the finest fruits and vegetables and to deliver them to you in the same excellent condition as when they were picked.

Produce Encyclopedia

Want your kids to learn more about eating healthy fruits and vegetables? Check out Dole's produce encyclopedia for information and fun games for the ardent produce lover.

Farm to Fork: Local Produce

We strive to purchase Local produce, from local Idaho farmers whenever possible. We believe that supporting local growers will keep our community and Idaho's economy strong.

5 Reasons to Buy Local

  • A dollar spent on local products can add four to six dollars to our local economy.
  • You get the best possible flavor, texture and quality on fresh products.
  • You sustain employment for your friends and neighbors
  • You preserve open spaces and reduce our carbon footprint
  • You sustain the local farm heritae while enhancing food security for your family.

Idaho Preferred

Idaho is famous for its potatoes, but did you know that we grow a lot more than that? In fact, Idaho farmers and ranchers produce over 185 different agricultural products. Asparagus grows in the spring. Strawberries, Bing cherries, apricots, and raspberries grow in the summer. Peaches, plums, pears and corn are available in the fall, and apples onions and potatoes can be found just about year-round. But that's not everything! Idaho processors also specialize in breads, dairy, meat, wine, nursery plants and specialty foods like jams, jellies, pickled vegetables and more. Visit Idaho Preferred's Website.